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>> State - Delhi
Sector : Civil Works Tender Value : INR 39.87 Lakhs (approx.)
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 26754204
Closing Date : 26 - Dec - 2018
Repair & maintenance of Various Electrical & Mechanical Services at GPO Complex, INA.
Providing Services for Operation of 13 Passenger Lifts.
Running & Maintenance of Various Electrical & Mechanical Service at Trikoot-I, II & III at Bhikaji Cama Place.
Operation & maintenance of Addressable fire Alarm system.
Repair & maintenance of Various Electrical & mechanical services at GPOA Complex.
Operation & maintenance of Substations at C-Block & A-Block.
Repair & maintenance of Electrical Services in Andaman & Nicobar Guest House at Chanakya puri.
Running Operation & maintenance of Fire Fighting Sprinkler System, Down comer System, DG Set & Drinking / Dewatering Pump sets etc.
Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of IP based Day / Night Auto Changeable CCTV Surveillance System at RS Depot Godown Premises at Netaji nagar.
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 31667889
Closing Date : 17 - Dec - 2018
Supply of Spares for Su 30 Spares - Cover, Leg Strap Clamp, Cutter, Safety Line, Bracket of x12 Connector, Casing, Cable, Fire Grate for Outer Wbd, Pin with Loop, Ejection Seat 100m for Connector xmrp96, Ejection Seat 100m for Connector x4, Ejection Seat 100m for Connector x6, Ejection Seat 100m for Connector Xmvp, Ejection Seat 100m for Connector x13 and x12, Ejection Seat 100m for Connector x2bk2, Ejection Seat 100m for Connector x1bk2, Ejection Seat 100m for Connector x3, x2 Cable Connector.
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 31398140
Closing Date : 27 - Nov - 2018
Procurement of Spares for Su 30 Aircraft - Digital Map Genrator With Rmu, Hud (Pdu & Ufcp)
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 31439544
Closing Date : 20 - Nov - 2018
Procurement of Spares - Power Supply Unit, Autonomous Power Supply Unit, Barometric Release Mechanism, Command Generation Unit, Barometric Hammer, Head Rest, Ejection Contorl Machanism (Muk), Adaptor Cg Gun, E/Seat Cable Bundle, Ejection Seat Oxygen System (Esos),
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 31350299
Closing Date : 20 - Nov - 2018
Procurement of Su 30 Aircraft Spares, Disc Filtering Hydraulic, Limit Switch Mechanism Of Lg Rear Door (shu 53-2), Limit S/W Canopy Control etc.
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 31671477
Closing Date : 14 - Nov - 2018
Annual Maintenance Contract of Mobile Air Charging Compressor (kg5h - 230).
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 31667922
Closing Date : 13 - Nov - 2018
Procurement of Spares for Il-Series Aircraft - Light-Signal Tail (V), Vsi/Tra Integral Indicator, Tcas Processor, Spring Helical , Limit Switch, Seal Rotary, Ring Thrust, Ring Thrust, Shim Sel From, Shim Sel From, Shim Sel From, Bleed Valve, Joint Sliding, Nose Seal , O Ring, Screw, Spring, Element Filter, Lamp Hinged, Cock, Harness, Harness, Full Connector, Nut, Fuel Connector, Retainer.
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 30417661
Closing Date : 05 - Nov - 2018
Procurement Il-Series Spares - Lf Signal Generator, Radar Tester Instrument, Tension Load Test Stand Assy, Pod Installation Kit, Pod Cradle, Probe Flow Control, Pod Hoisting Sling, Drogue Cradle, Pod Aft Section Cradle, Hose Assy Tools Kit Set, Half Ring Left, Main Lg Door Cylinder Clamps, Ravta Stand Box, Device- Rudder Hoisting, Navigation And Landing Unit, Device-Pressure Check In Wheel Tires, Ladder(4n-9912-Om), Switch-Automatice Phase Cutoff (V), Frequency Meter, Maintenance Stand For Sd-75 Check, Dial Test Indicator, Vibration Acceleration Indicator, Protactor, Test Set, Power Supply Assembly, Transreceiver Rdo Altimeter , Bracket With Bearing, Spoiler, Bolt, Washer, Bolt, Frame No5, Lock, Connection, Hose, Control Console, Air Colling Duet Of Kp2 Transmitter, Power Amplifier Unit, Resistor Dc Power Distribution Panel, St Light, Ark-15a Receiver (V), Glass, Contron Panel, Control Panel, Temp Indicator, Sleeve, Toggle Switch, Slat Door Conrol –Pylon No 1 (Rh), Window-Canopy (Rh), Flap (Pannel), Gasket, Washer, Hose, Tip, Relay, Ring, Gasket, Bolt, Gasket, Gasket, Gasket, Gasket, Sleeve, Hyd Reducer, Lf Unit, Pressure Switch, Tip For Elect Wire, Tip, Limit Switch, Section-Sealing (Lh), Nose Wheel Tubeless Model 26a, Pressing Disk, Rotatable Dick, Unrotatable Disk, Supporting Disk, Flow Restrictor, Nose Wheel Tab Washer, Fire Warning Sensor, Locking Washer.
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 30574304
Closing Date : 01 - Nov - 2018
Procurement Of Nars Spares - Pin, Packing Performed, Connector, Receptacle Elect, Connector Plug, Electrical, Cable Spl Pur Elect, Cable Spl Pur Elect, Connector, Contact Electrical, Connector, Sleeve Textile, Packing Performed, Strap Negative G, Strap Webbing, Switch Therostatic, Support Assembled, Pin, Bolt, Spacer, Packing Retainer, Circuit Breaker, Fuse,Inclosed Link, Cover Access, Electric Selector, Valve, Light,Indicator, Bevel Ring, Nut,Selflocking,, Extended, Washer,He, Switch,Sensitive, Micro Switch, Connector, Relay, Relay, Nut Self Locking, Extended Washer, O-Ring, Mastimaxd40, Tee,Flange, Rivet Solid, Rivet, Bolt,Close Tolerance, Screw, Screw Close, Tolerance, Screw, Terminal Plug, Pin Thereaded Head, Pin,Retaining, Terminal Quick, Disconnect, Clamp Loop, Bolt,Packing, Coupling,Clamp,Groo, Ved, Plate Connection, Control Box, Rivet Solid, 34330b00, Guillotine Instl-Ss, Pin,Threaded Head, Pin Thread Head, Pin, Threaded Head, Cable, Lamp,Incandescent, Mounting Base, Operating Cable, Hose, Assembly,Metallic, Seat, Valve, Detector Landing, P P, O Ring, Screw,Externally, Relieved Body, Lacquer, Hose, Assembly,Metallic, Valve Exhalation, (Signature, Pin Quick Release, Switch,Pressure, Nut,Selflocking,, Plate, Packing Preformed, Fuse Catridge, Relay,Reed, Latch Assy, Mount,Resilient, Brush,Electrical, Contact, Pl-6, Packing With Retainer, Seal Packing, Filtern, Switch Toggle, Drum Inspection Box, Fuse Cartrage, Washer,Keyway, Device Hooking, Pin Control, Servo Valve, Wire Non Elect, Distribution Box, Grease Instrument, Seal, Assembly,Inflatable, Seal Intakable, Seal Inflatable, O Ring, Tacho Generator, Cable, Assembly,Special, Purpose,Elec, Pressure Switch, Shim, Shim Washer, Washer Recessed, Bracket,Fixing, Support Coupling, Plate,Structural,Air, Craft, Gasket, Tube Assembly,Metal, Cable,Control, Decal, Seat Ball Socket, Gasket, Spacer Plate, Bearing,Plain,Selfaligning, Fairing,Aircraft, Plate Structural, Support, Rib Lh, Rib, Airfoil, Pin, Washer Flat, Screw,Shoulder, Bracket, Air Conditioning, Screw,Externally, Relieved Body, Stop,Structural, Cover Access, Screw, Connecting Link, Rigid, Spacer Sleeve, Locking Plate,Nut And, Bolt, Plug Machine Thred, Washer Flat, Screw, Washer Shouldered, Cover Access, Gasket,Movable, Frame, Lever,Remote, Control, Pin,Grooved,Headed, Pin,Shoulder,Headed, Tube Assembly, Pin Shoulder, Cover, Cable, Assembly,Special, Purpose,Elec, Cover Access, Cover Access, Pressure Inlet, Hose Assy Non, Metalic, Tube Assembly, Tube Assembly,Metal, Tube Assembly, Bearing,Plain Rod End, Cover Access, Stud, Drag Chute, Tube,Assy, Tube Assy, Cylinder,Tightness, Bolt,Internally, Relieved Body, Pin Shoulder Headed, Cover Access, Plate,Instruction, Gasket, Gasket, Tube Assembly,Metal, Tube Assembly, Tube Assy, Lampholder, Stud,Turnlock, Fastener, Fuse, Fuse Cartridge, Packing With Retainer, Stud, Assembly,Turnlock, Fastener, Stud, Assembly,Turnlock, Fastener, Stud, Assembly,Turnlock, Fastener, Switch, Contactor, Primer Adhesive, Lubrakht Grease, Red/White Insert, O-Ring, Coupling Half Quick, Disconnect, Tie Bolt, Stud, Assembly,Turnlock, Fastener, Stud, Assembly,Turnlock, Fastener, Turn Lock Fastner, Control Safety, Switch, Gasket, Primer Adhesive, O-Ring, Sealing Compound, Pp, Packing Preformed, Sp4712-20, Tee,Flange, Penetrating Il, Fuse Holder, Insulation Tape, Electrical, (Signature, Lamp Fluorescent, Transmitter,Tempera, Ture,Electrical, Clamp,Hose, Transmitter,Pressur, E, Transmitter,Pressur, E, Bolt Special, Ring,Retaining, Nut,Selflocking,, Double, Hexagon, Packing With Retainer, Switch Sensitive, Cable Assy, Filter Element Fluid, Pressure, Bolt,Internally, Relieved Body, Fuse,Cartridge, Nut,Plain Hexagon, Pin,Firing, Cable Assy, Retainer,Packing, O-Ring, Packing,Preformed, Bracket,Angle, Circuit Breaker, Cable, Cable, Cable, Bolt, Pin, Gasket, Safety Controller, O Ring, Supply Hose Assy, With End Metal, Coupling, Connector, Desiceint Filter, Ardrox 396/1, Cable, Assembly,Special, Purpose,Elec, Nut Asssy Self Locking, Gang Channel, Screw, Door Access(2q, Panel), Gasket, Coupling, Shear Screws, Connector Plug, Electrical, Light Indicator, Stud Assembly, Coupling Assembly, Quick Disconnect, Pin Quick Release, Tube Assembly Metal, O-Ring, O-Ring, Pin Drive, Fan, Relay Armature, Switch,Landing Gear For Mirage Aircraft.
Sector : Security Services Tender Value : N.A.
Location : Delhi - India Ref.No : 31366364
Closing Date : 29 - Oct - 2018
Supply of Spares, Modified Engine, Rh Gear Box With Suction Pump And Final Drive, Lh Gear Box With Suction Delivery Pump & Final Drive, Oil Pump, Lh Water Radiator, Cylinder With Valve, Electro Pneumatic Valve for tank t-90.
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